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LED Luminaire Design

When Sincerity Tech was established, we started with a competitive commitment, Sincerity Tech aims to become a new champion in the lighting and optoelectronic products and services in the world. Sincerity Tech’s light engine includes a LED emitter carrier as the material of electrical connection and thermal conduction.

The following summarizes Sincerity Tech LEDs lighting technology achievements:

  • Low junction temperature (Tj<60℃) to ensure long predictable useful life
  • Low thermal resistance (0.5℃/W)
  • Patented thermal management solutions
  • Multi-chip and point light source design technology
  • Flexible secondary optics design
  • Sustainable technology & LEDs product design
  • Single package with a patented cooling technology

High Reliability & High Efficiency

Sincerity Tech as well as entire Sincerity Tech product lines are ingeniously engineered LED lighting devices that are designed based on the proprietary. Empowered by this structural LED technological platform, all Sincerity Tech products can operate at ultra-high power with high luminous flux, low junction temperature (Tj<60℃) and have outstanding performance with long predictable reliable life (>73,000 hours).

Sincerity Tech designs highly efficient & reliable, sustainable, aesthetic and robust design LELDs products and does not require any forced convection for cooling. Sincerity Tech assures all organizations irrespective of government or private business organization and also attracts international investment in green energy to reduce the carbon

In order to design a optimal LEDs lighting products with high efficiency, Sincerity Tech has different approach in constructing LEDs lighting fixtures. Sincerity Tech LEDs lighting products designed in this aspect has the highest efficiency (i.e. circuit, optical, thermal, mechanical etc.) and can offer the highest energy savings. Furthermore, highly reliable LEDs lighting products with long predictable useful life also reduce enormous maintenance costs. More importantly, it prevents the safety concerns of regular replacement of traditional bulbs.

Friendly & Safety

Sincerity Tech LEDs lighting products consist of drivers, optics, cables which start up the LEDs module, and this would eventually help the engineer for fast and safe installation. All Sincerity Tech LEDs products are compliant with UL/cUL, ETL/cETL, DLC, CE, RCM, RoHs, Wind Speed (resistance), Vibration, Thermal shock, EMC and other related safety test procedures.

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